Postcards set "MOTIVATION"


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25 postcards

  • 6 x A6 Cards (4.13 x 5.8 inches)
  • Small Local&Urban logo on the back and enough space
  • “Be awesome today”, “Make today magical”, “Enjoy the little things”, “Dance like nobody is watching”, “Do more of what makes you happy”
  • One envelope out of thick brown paper
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You want to send good vibes, motivation and happiness to your friends and family?
It’s your friends birthday and you want to send something else than a normal birthday card?
Or do you simply want to greet someone or celebrate your relationship, anniversary or school start?
The occasion doesn’t matter, it is always a great idea to send someone a fancy postcard from our “Motivation” postcards set!

Our 5 different messages:

  1. “Be Awesome Today”
  2. “Make Today Magical”
  3. “Enjoy the Little Things”
  4. “Dance Like Nobody is Watching”
  5. “Do More of What Makes You Happy”

We love details and at the same time we protect our environment: we avoid plastic packaging.

A small overview of the most important points:

  • HIGH QUALITY: Card of outstanding printing quality. Produced in Germany Bavaria
  • DESIGN: Lovingly designed post cards for good vibes and motivation
  • ALL OCCASIONS: Valentine’s day, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, …
  • ECOLOGICAL: Manufacture & printed in Germany, Bavaria on FSC labeled paper. We avoid plastic packaging!