Flamingo Planner

Flamingo Design for your desk from Munich!

Are you searching for unique designproducts for your desk? A flamingo planner? Or maybe a weekly planner without fixed dates for organizing your life? Your serach is finished!


We, Local&Urban from Munich, is a young manufactury from Bavaria, presenting you beautiful and individual products for your desk.

If you are searching for somehthing special, you’re in no need to search on further!

Weekly planner without fixed dates for your desk:

The idea is pretty simple:

You can start whenever you like – also in the middle of the year – to organize your life.

You can fill in the dates yourself , every week anew.

Plan your week, your appointments, your shopping lists and meetings with your friends, without strict requirements.

The beautiful design and the panels help you, to be structures and not to forget something.

Flamingo design from Munich

We love flamingos and we think they are totally underrated, that’s why we have started early to design our products with flamingos. A lot of customers remark: “It’s just fun working with products by Local&Urban every day.” Good Vibes at your desk is very important for us. In Aying, which is close to Munich, we produce our lovely products. They do not only look nice but are also handy. Our calendars are a relief not only for your eyes, but for your mind as well.

WIth the structure of the calendar and the help provided, it helps its user with avoiding stress and keeping the head above water.

Flamingo calendar with a heart for environmental protection:

What is even more important for us than presenting you beautiful designs and handy products:

Environment protection and sustainibility.

  • We avoid plastic packaging.
  • We produce in Bavaria.
  • We subsidize small companies
  • We only use high-quality paper: recycled with FSC Label
  • We don’t waste paper: There are no fixed dates

The weekly and daily planners by Local&Urban provide space for all your appointments, shopping lists, notes,awesome ideas and a motivating goal.

Adds the wow-factor to your desk!

Choose one flamingo calendar by Local&Urban: