Achieve your goals- with structuring and flamingos by your side

It is certainly true that a higher motivation is achieved by working in an appealing atmosphere. Our calendars help with improving your individual working place.

Depending on your interests you can choose a daily- or weekly planner out of our collection. Our planner’s beautiful design adds a special touch to your desk. Tropical flowers and/or flamingos will make you at least a little bit happier being at work every time you look at your new calendar.

It doesn’t matter whether you start in the beginning or the middle of the year; you can start whenever you like as we renounced fixed dates to avoid unnecessary wastage of paper and make you able to use every sheet.

At the same time, you help to protect the environment. We only print on FSC and EU labeled recycled paper and we avoid plastic packaging. Our masterpieces are manufactured exclusively in Bavaria, in Germany – more clear conscience is impossible!

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